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Mobile Bomb

Disarming the bomb consists of 5 tasks

About Mobile Bomb

Rotary switches

There are 5 switches, each of them must be set to a value between 1-12

Pin code on keypad

To go to next step the user must enter the proper pin code

Distance sensors

The user must keep both hands above the sensors for a particular time at a particular distance


There are 6 buttons – the user must press correct buttons defined in the game plan

Disconnecting wires

Necessary element in each bomb, there are 8 wires, some of them must be disconnected in the proper order

Our Mobile Bomb device is a great idea for any event: Birthday parties, company events and team building are only few examples where you can use it. In brief – The Bomb is an entertainment device simulating a bomb. The bomb must be defused in a given time. To succeed players must complete several tasks and puzzles.

The device is very flexible and can be used in many situations. The Bomb is programmable so questions may be created to suit events where the bomb will be used. The not-so-explosive may be used by children as well as by adults. Defusing a bomb is usually a task for professionals, but we have made it fun!

Our Mobile Bomb is attractive and robust and built with high-quality components. The current stage of the disarming process is indicated by a light and a sound. A front panel is highlighted in many colours. The Bomb is fitted with a display that shows hints on each step. There is also an additional timer that shows the remaining time.

Our bomb is available as an experience at our premises or alternativdly can be hired for off-site events. Please contact us for more information regarding off-site hire.