Become a TEAM

Tension provides amazing activities to bring the team spirit out in your employees.

Our Escape Room Missions are completely immersive and competative.

The challenges are against the clock and teams have to work TOGETHER to save the world.

All of our missions are based on the incredible history of Lincoln and are highly rated on Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor!

To compliment our escape rooms, we also have professional virtual reality.

Our digitally created virtual worlds are totally unique and are very entertaining.

This is not just team building. This is an experience no one will want to miss!

Every single person

Our unique team building excercises are completely inclusive. Everyone, irrespective of age, gender, size or physical fitness can, and will, compete on an equal basis.

All of our activities take place indoors at our central Lincoln location. The weather is not an issue at Tension Team Building!

We can completely tailor your requirements and will do everything we can to ensure your whole team benefits fully from their time with us.

Prices start from only £17.50 per person.

What are you waiting for?

Tension will bring your whole team together and ultimately help your company achieve its full potential.

It’s certainly working for the likes of the British Armed Forces, Anglian Water and Seimens to name but a few. They have all sent teams and are now valued clients, sending in different personnel on a regular basis.

Bring your team together

Make no mistakes. Our team building experience really is the best you’ll find. Not only will your employees time with us be beneficial to your company, but they will find it a totally enjoyable experience. This is not always the case with other methods and venues.

Of course, there will always be someone that loves dangling off ropes 30m up a tree. Maybe even people that like struggling for breath in freezing cold water, after their team built raft came apart. Not enough to PUNISH the ones that don’t though!

Don’t just build your team. REWARD them at the same time. Show them you care and have thought what THEY’D like.

The groans and unwillingness to participate in a team building excercise really will be a thing of the past!

Catering Options

Outside catering provided by Thomas2- all freshly prepared and made to order, Lincolnshire sausages and meats are all locally sourced, and chicken and eggs are free range. Minimum booking is for 4 people. We can cater for any allergy and/or preference.
Option 1 - £6.50 per person
Selection of sandwiches on brown & white breads
Lightly salted crisps
Slices of pizza
Sausage rolls
Handmade cupcakes

Option 2 - £9 per person
(ideal for large parties)
Sandwiches, wraps and small rolls
Selection of crisps
Slices of pizza
Choose a platter - Indian, Oriental, Veggie, or Savoury (see below)
Crudities and complimentary dips
Handmade cupcakes and/or tray bake bites

Platter Choices:
Indian - contains samosas, bahjis and pakoras
Oriental - includes prawn wontons, sweet and sour money bags and spring rolls
Savoury - pork pie, savoury eggs, mini sausages, mini pasties and sausage rolls
Veggie - onion rings, mozzarella sticks and breaded mushrooms

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