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Introducing, The Pegasus Project - Online Escape Game!

Social distancing getting you down?Then grab your household and book into play the most interactive online escape game in the world! This is a prequel to our exciting outdoor escape game, Operation Mindfall.

The Pegasus Project is now also available to play directly from your living room!

Keep connected with your friends and family with our brand-new online escape game, The Pegasus Project!

Using a computer, notebook or mac (mobile devices are NOT supported), work together to crack riddles and solve puzzles to save the world from Spider Tech.

Your Mission

There are people in the world that want nothing except chaos; Unchecked, they could bring about the end of society as we know it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join W.I.S.E on a quest to defeat the shadowy Spidertech organisation, Recruit your team and save society from the nefarious plans of Spidertech.

Use technology and work as a team to battle your way through amazing puzzles and diabolical riddles as you track down the hidden server room to put an end to Spidertech.

Will you win the day, or lose your mind in the attempt...

Single player to large groups, You have 2 hours to try and save the world!


£20 per team.

Requirements To Play Each team requires:

The use of a computer, notebook or mac (mobile devices are NOT supported) to access our undercover website.

Internet access and Email account

Pen and Paper.

How it works

Book online using the button below.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your booking.

Shortly after, you will receive another email with your Mission brief & Access Code.

The access code is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase and can be used once at anytime within this time period.

Once the Access Code is activated, it will only be valid for 24 hours.

We have set this game up so all participants have to be at one location. Perfect for all household members to play together.

Good look, agents! Don't let us down!

Whether it be with the kids, the flatmates or everyone from home, experience an exciting story and solve tricky puzzles to put a stop to Spider Tech-the villainous research company seeking to take over the world.

0% of the contact, 100% of the fun!

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