HTC Vive

At Tension Twisted Realities we have closely watched the development of VR Technology over recent years and the software needed to optimise it.

We have invested heavily in the very best HTC Headsets and ultra powerful PC’s to perfect the experience.

The review below, written by Trusted Reviews says it all.

"If you’ve tried Google Cardboard, Gear VR or even the Oculus Rift and think you know what virtual reality has to offer, then prepare for a rude awakening. The HTC Vive bombards you with the most immersive virtual reality experiences you can get right now. It’s incredible, and tops a promising 2016 for HTC after the excellent HTC 10.

Trying to describe it in words is a near impossible task – there are none that can do it justice. It’s like trying to draw a symphony or sculpt a ballet – the essence can be evoked, but it needs to be experienced to be truly understood.

This means that this review will be different to TrustedReviews’ usual ones. I’ll still make sure that all the positives and negatives are covered, but before you worry about any of that, you need to know that the HTC Vive is immense, wonderful and utterly fantastic."

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