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Saving Santa!

About Saving Santa!

Hello dear children, I am very glad to see you’ve come to help me! I was a naughty boy and I kept eating all of Mrs Claus’ mince pies, she doesn’t like it when I get greedy.
To stop me from stealing more mince pies Mrs Claus has locked me away, but Mrs Claus is very forgetful and can’t remember where she left me, this makes me a little bit worried.
How will I deliver all my presents to the good children at Christmas if I’m trapped here?
I need you to track me down and help me escape in time for Christmas, then you’ll all definitely go on my nice list!

Santa will have a gift for anyone that can help him!

This is an Easy room for younger people and families (Ideally suited for children 4-11 years old)




2-5 People

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